Valve Replacement & Repair

Does your cylinder need a valve replaced or repaired? Our trained and certified technicians can help assess the issue, replace or repair your valve, and make sure your cylinders are working properly!

Our Process

Our trained team of technicians can service cylinder valves on fire extinguishers, SCUBA, beverage gases, medical gases, welding gases, SCBA, and more. If your valve is leaking, non-functional, or malfunctioning in another way, let us help!


Valve components like seals, o-rings, valve stems, and other parts can be subject to wear over time. Our team will depressurize your cylinder and remove these parts to begin determining the issue.


After removing the valve and its parts, we’ll inspect the valve and troubleshoot any issues or damage to help determine if your cylinder valve needs repaired or replaced.

Repair & Replace

Our technicians will then follow the necessary steps to repair your cylinder valve. If your valve cannot be repaired, it will be replaced by our team!


Before returning your cylinder back to you, we will carefully reassemble your cylinder and valve to ensure that it’s in working order.

Why State Cylinder

Expert Technicians

At State Cylinder, our knowledgeable technicians have years of experience working with CO2 cylinders. We have the training and certifications needed to provide you with reliable cylinder services.


A Commitment to Safety

Our team puts safety first. We follow strict safety protocols for all of our services to keep your business moving forward.

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